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Luke 14:25-35

1. Context of the Parable (a) Large crowds are travelling with Jesus (v.25) (b) Jesus turns to the crowd which includes his disciples and makes a radical statement (vv.26-27) (c) There are two qualifications that identify themselves with being Christ’s disciple… (c1) Jesus is loved more than family or self (c2) The disciple of Christ…

Luke 10:25-37

1. Background of the Parable An expert in the Law had a specific interest in Jesus. He chooses to question Jesus on ‘doing’ something to inherit eternal life. This ensues towards a Q&A in which Jesus occasions the parable. (vv. 25-28) 2. Unpacking the Parable (a) A place, a person, an incident and a concern…

Luke 18:1-8

1. Recap From Last Week (a) Why pray? A Christian prays by virtue of the example and instruction in Scripture, but far more because of the love for the Father (b) To whom we pray? The recipient of the Christian’s prayer is the Living God the “Father” (c) How is it distinct from other faiths?…

Luke 11:1-13

1. Parable in the Gospel Narrative (a) Comes in the travelogue of Luke 9:51-19:27…has a number of teachings by Jesus…majority of parables are found in this section (b) Preceded by the sending of the 72 and Jesus at the house of Martha (Luke 10) (c) Followed by Jesus casting out of the demon that was…