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Kingdom of God

Matthew 25:14-30

1. How must believers live in the time between the absence of their master [Jesus] and His return? 2. Two possibilities: live to please the master or live with fear and excuses (a) During the time when the master is physically absent, the servants must work not out of obligation but out of love for…

Matthew 18:21-35

1. The parable must be seen in the context of a church, among the believers. The forgiveness is not necessarily “salvific forgiveness” but “sanctifying forgiveness” 2. This parable is a very well structured one with a proper introduction and conclusion (a) Introduction (vv. 21-22) (b) Conclusion (verse 35) 3. Three characters in this parable: (a)…

Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

1. Recap from Last Week (a) KOG has two dimensions: present & future (b) In the present, it refers to: “God’s kingly rule”—it comes both to individuals and community collectively (c) Jesus is the bringer of the KOG (d) God’s rule comes with: salvation & forgiveness (e) Church is not the KOG but it contains…

Matthew 6:10, 33

1. Bible Verse (a) Matthew 6:10: your kingdom come (b) Matthew 6:33: Seek kingdom of God first [as priority] (c) Two dimensions: present and future (d) The meaning of present: “God’s rule,” or “kingly power,” or “kingship” 2. The Need for the Kingdom of God (a) Satan appears to have authority over the world and…