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Jesus' Titles

Acts 2:36-41

1. God appointed Jesus to be the Lord and Messiah (verse 36) 2. Background for the title “Lord” (a) In the Old Testament, translators use “LORD” for “YHWH,” the name with which God introduced Himself to Moses (b) The Jews regarded the name “YHWH” so holy that they would not pronounce it, but instead they…

Romans 3:25; Hebrews 9:5

1. Romans 3:25 [1] God publicly displayed him [Jesus] at his death as the mercy seat (kapporet , hiasterion) accessible through faith (NET Bible) (a) The word kapporet appears first in Exodus 25:17, where it refers to a piece of furniture (b) It was placed on the Ark of the Covenant but was different from…