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Christmas 2021

Ruth 4:9-10

Series: Christmas 2021 Sermon: Go’el Bible Passage: Ruth 4:9-10 The Hebrew noun go’el refers to a man’s nearest relative—the Bible translates this word as “redeemer” I. The definition of “to redeem” or “redeemer” is : 1. To do the part of a kinsman/relative—“to set one free from helplessness and danger,” “to release” etc. 2. To buy…

Ruth 2:1-23

Series: Christmas 2021 Sermon: Hesed Bible Passage: Ruth 2:1-23 I. Verse 1: Now Naomi had a relative on her husband’s side of the family named Boaz. He was a wealthy, prominent man from the clan of Elimelech 1. The narrator speaks here—he prepares his audience for Ruth’s meeting with Boaz 2. Boaz: one of the…

Ruth 1:1-22

Series: Christmas 2021 Sermon: Back to Bethlehem Bible Passage: Ruth 1:1-22 I. “In the days when the judges judged” (verse 1) 1. This period was characterized by lawlessness and constant breaking of the covenant stipulations 2. There was no king everyone did what they wanted II. There was a famine in the land (verse 1) 1. It…