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Christmas 2018

Luke 2:9-11

Series: Christmas 2018 Sermon: Jesus the Savior: God’s Gift to the Broken People Bible Passage: Luke 2:9-11 I. The Angel came to the shepherds in the filed: 1. Shepherds in the first century were considered outside of the law because of their dishonesty (b. Sanhedrin 25b) 2. Their testimony was not valid for any public…

John 1:1-18

Series: Christmas 2018 Sermon: Jesus, Bringer of God’s Grace Bible Passage: John 1:1-18 I. According to John 1:1-14, Jesus before the Incarnation: 1. Existed before time (v. 1) —Eternal 2. Was/is in close reciprocal communion with God (v. 1) 3. Was the instrument and agent in creation (v. 2) 4. Is the source of life—“Life”…

Isaiah 7:10-14; Matthew 1:22-23

Series: Christmas 2018 Sermon: Jesus “God with Us”—the Defeater of the Enemy of His People Bible Passage: Isaiah 7:10-14 cf. Matthew 1:22-23 I. Observations from Isaiah 7:14 1. Judah was facing a military threat from Ephraim [Israel] and Syria [734-32 BC] (Isa 7:2 cf. 2 Kings 15:37) a. There was a threat of complete destruction…

Matthew 1:18-25

Series: Christmas 2018 Sermon: God’s Plan and the Believers’ Role Bible Passage: Matthew 1:18-25 I. God’s plan for Jesus is that “He [Jesus] will save His people from their sins” (verse 21) 1. The word “save” presupposes “someone in danger or in helpless situation” 2. The act of “saving” is not political but spiritual— “He…