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Christmas 2016

Luke 2:10-11

1. In verse 11, there are three nouns, namely, “Saviour,” “Messiah,” and “Lord”—all refer to Jesus (note: there is no definite article) 2. Based on these passages, the word “Saviour” carries four shades of meaning (7 times to refer to God and 16 times with Jesus—A good number of them are titles) (a) Helper: the…

Matthew 2:1-12

1. Background (a) Matthew has informed us of the identity of Jesus through his genealogy (1:1-17) (b) The Gospel writer helps us to calibrate Joseph’s obedience to the God (1:18-25) 2. Men on a Mission (a) Their mission was to locate the ‘king of the Jews’, and their purpose to worship him (b) These were…

John 1:1-5; 14

1. A brief discussion on logos (a) Heraclitus (6th century BC) called logos a basic defining principle related to the ordering of the cosmos (it is the logos that makes the cosmos “cosmos”) (b) The Stoics used logos to refer to a divine principle that permeates the orderly universe (pantheistic view) (c) Philo viewed logos…