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Romans 8:5-16

Romans 8:5-16


1. Observation about the time of the reception of the Holy Spirit

(a) Some Christians get frustrated due to slow transformation in their Christian walk
(b) Non-Christians often look down upon Christians that their life does not match with their claim
(c) Why sanctification does not take place as quick as a justified person would want?
(d) Paul explains the reason by contrasting “the Spirit” with “the flesh”

2. Paul’s use of the term “the flesh” (what is it?)

(a) One’s inclination to sin and constantly in opposition to the Holy Spirit
(b) The ingrained inclinations to resist the transformational presence of the Holy Spirit of God and to live autonomously from His life giving presence
(c) Habituated desire to be one’s own god—the result is “self-righteousness”
(d) An attempt to find life outside of God—autonomy, opposed to submission to God
(e) Dependence on human value system and institutions for securing power and positions

3. Who is the Holy Spirit?

(a) The Holy Spirit comes from God the Father and God the Son (8:11)
(b) The Holy Spirit of God is given (divine passive) to those who are justified (5:6; 8:5)
(c) The control of the Spirit is not automatic [He does not alter your personality]
(d) Those who are justified need to choose which master they follow—submit to the Spirit or resist
(e) The presence of the Holy Spirit is the distinguishing mark of the Christian (Morris)

4. Comparison of “the flesh” and “the Holy Spirit” from Romans 8:5-16

(a) “The Flesh”

(a1) Makes their mind set on what the flesh desires (verse 5)
(a2) Governs the mind which leads to death (verse 6)
(a3) The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God—does not submit, cannot please God (verse 7-8)

(b) The Holy Spirit

(b1) Makes their mind set on what the Spirit desires (verse 5)
(b2) The Spirit governs the mind which leads to life and peace (verse 7)
(b3) The mind governed by the Spirit:
– Has life (verse 9)
– Is able to put to death the misdeeds of the body (verse 13)
– Enables “sonship” (verse 15)
– Testifies continuously that we are God’s children (8:16)

5. Take Away

Put to death the misdeeds of your body (Romans 8:12-13) by voluntarily yielding to the work of the Holy Spirit