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Romans 8:26-27

Romans 8:26-27


1. Observations

(a) God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit continue to work on a believer
(b) Just as justification is 100% God’s work, sanctification is also 100% God’s work
(c) Just because a person is a believer for a period of time, it does not mean that he is transformed automatically
(d) As much as the Holy Spirit is active in a believer’s life, the flesh is also active
(e) In fact, the flesh is more portent to keep a believer in guilt and spiritual stagnation
(f) There is nothing called automatic or self-attained “sinless perfection”

2. In the last sermon, we saw that the Holy Spirit:

(a) Enables “sonship” (verse 15)
(b) Testifies continuously that we are God’s children (verse 16)

3. Verses 26-27 teach that the Holy Spirit is a helper of believers

(a) The believers have weakness (verse 26a) [it is a generic term to refer not to just one weakness, but weakness in general. It is not just “weakness for prayer.” The “our” is an inclusive “our,” which includes Apostle Paul as well
(b) In other words, in this [sanctification] journey believers do not attain a perfect self-sufficient stage [Perfection happens only at the end at death]
(c) But remains weak with a continual need for God’s provision, which is the Holy Spirit
(d) There is no triumphalism or “sinless perfection”

4. Illustration of the “help” of the Holy Spirit (verses 26b-27)

(a) The word “for” refers to “general to specific” and it is not causal
(b) Believer’s inability to pray correctly is one of the illustrations of his/her weakness
(c) [In other words, the “weakness” is not limited just to prayer but pervades all spectrum of life]
(d) Believers often think that they know what is best for them
(e) Believers seldom understand the will of God for their life or for their daily walk with God

5. The Holy Spirit connects believers with God the Father by interceding for them according to the Father’s will (verse 27)

6. Believers’ journey of sanctification is not based on their strength and moral behavior, but it is based on the work of the Holy Spirit (it is the Good News, the Gospel)

7. Take Away

Acknowledge your weaknesses and continually yield to the will of the Father through the mediatorial ministry of the Holy Spirit