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Romans 8:17-25

Romans 8:17-25


I. Introduction

1. What is it all about being an heir of the creator of this universe?
2. How can I who have been set free from the law of sin and death, die?
3. How can God’s very own, dearly loved children suffer?

II. Background

1. Paul mentions to the Roman churches, that there is now no condemnation (8:1), they are free from the law of sin and death through Jesus Christ (vs 2). They can cry out, Abba, Father as they are God’s children (vs. 14). He tells them you are heirs to the throne of God and co-heir with Christ (vs 17)

2. There is suffering assured even as heirs of God (vs 17b) as long as they live in this corrupted world

III. As heirs, we must also suffer like Christ before sharing in his glory (Vs.17)

1. Paul tells the Roman Christians that Christ, whom they are co-heirs with did not take a short cut or easy way to glorification. But he suffered all kinds of sufferings

2. Even Christians must follow Christ’s way so as to share in his glory

3. There are no excuses, sufferings that we face in our day to day life are inevitable

4. But Paul gives us the good news that our present sufferings are not worth compared to the future that’s in stored for us

IV. Our present sufferings are not worth compared to the future glory (vs 18)

1. Present sufferings of Roman churches; persecution, illnesses, bereavement, hunger, financial problem, even death among believers

2. Paul himself went through all kinds of sufferings

3. But he says, all these sufferings are not even worth mentioning if compared with the future glory that awaits us

4. What are the struggles and sufferings you are going through today?

5. If we are to weigh suffering and future glory, suffering stands no chance but flies as if it has not weight

6. So if we are able to see that future with hope, it becomes easier for us to face present sufferings

V. The creation will be liberated from the bondage of decay into glorious freedom of God’s Children (vv. 19 – 22)

1. Creation eagerly waits (stretching their neck in expectation) for children of God to be revealed, because that is when they also will be liberated from the bondage of decay

2. Creation was subjected to frustration after the fall of man, IN HOPE (vs. 20b)

3. They also will be liberated from vanity into freedom and glory of the children of God

VI. There will be a grand ceremony where the children of God shall be revealed, and the redemption of our bodies will take place (vv. 19, 21b, 23)

1. Holy Spirit as the first fruit and more to follow. Foretaste/first installment of the glory to come

2. Spirit connects the now and the future. “The already” with “the not yet”

3. As heirs we wait for the full bestowment of all the rights and privileges conferred on us a God’s children

4. “Redemption of our bodies” (23b). The body we have are temporary with sickness, pain, tiredness etc. But on that day of redemption, we will be given a brand new body

VII. Let us patiently hope for the unseen (future glory) (vv. 24, 25)

1. Hope: Experience, feel, touch, and see is not hope. It is looking in confidence for that which we cannot see

2. Although Christians have already enjoyed some blessings, there are more to come

3. Our HOPE is “the glory to be revealed” which is not visible

4. We wait patiently with “intense desire” and “patient endurance”

VIII. Take Away

Do not allow your present sufferings/frustrations to blind you, but in hope, wait patiently for that glorious day!

Speaker: Caleb Kent

For the past sixteen years, Caleb Kent has been in the worship ministry. At the Naga Christian Fellowship, he served for two and half years as an associate pastor. He holds an MTh in Pastoral Theology and Counselling from SAIACS, Bangalore. Caleb and his wife Bokyoung are blessed with two daughters, Charis and Yena. They are passionate about giving pastoral care and discipleship to the church members. Write to him at