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Romans 8:1-4

Romans 8:1-4


The apostle Paul assures the Christians that because of the work of the Christ and through the indwelling Holy Spirit, they always have a right standing before God and should therefore submit to the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives.

I. Christ Jesus secures your standing before the Father

1. “No Condemnation” is a legal term. You stand before God justified and acquitted.
2. This is grounded in the justification you have through Christ Jesus
3. “Now” refers to the time since the cross-work of Jesus.

II. The Holy Spirit releases you from bondage to the “old self”

1. The old life – under sin’s unchecked rule, self-centered life, empty religion
2. The new life – regeneration “You must be born again”

III. God the Father provides the righteousness you require by sending His Son

1. The Law has no power for saving or making holy
2. Salvation is a work of the Triune God
3. Jesus died as an offering for sin

IV. Take Away

The saving work of the Triune God motivates us to “walk according to the Spirit” (verse 4) which including “setting your minds on the things of the Spirit” (verse 6), and “putting to death the deeds of the body” (v13)

Speaker: Rudolph Lobo

Rudolph Lobo became a follower of the Lord Jesus while studying dentistry in Bangalore.  After joining a Bible-believing church, he developed a love for studying and teaching the Word of God.  Having graduated with an MDiv from Pastoral Training Seminary, Goa, his passion is to equip God’s people to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, to apply God’s Word to all of life, and to be His witnesses in the world.  Rudolph lives and ministers in Bangalore with his wife Rajani and two children, Ruth and Jonathan.