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Romans 6:1–8:4

Romans 6:1–8:4


1. God ushers a justified person to a new life unto Him [dative of association] (verse 1-14)

(a) By associating/uniting him with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection (vv. 3-6)
(b) By separating him from sin’s dominion (verse 7)
(c) By moving him from living to sin to live to God (verses 8-10)

2 Sin continues to cause the believer to sin. Therefore, (verse 12)

(a) The believer must not let sin control his body (verse 13)
(b) The believer must continuously offer his body to God (verse 13-14)
(c) The believer must live in the freedom of God’s grace (verse 14)

3. The new life unto God involves change of masters (controllers—1. Sin & 2. God) (vv. 15-23)

(a) Being a slave to sin leads to death (vv. 15-17)
(b) A justified believer is no longer a slave to sin, but to God (verse 17-19)
(c) Presenting bodies as slaves of righteousness (verse 19)
(d) Being slaves to righteousness leads to sanctification and eternal life (verse 22-23)

4. Before one becomes a Christian, there was a struggle in the self between good and evil (vv. 14-20)

5. After one becomes a Christian, there is also a struggle in the self between good and evil (vv. 21-24)

6. The difference is that in this latter struggle the power of sin has been broken and divine enablement assists the believer in the struggle (vv. 25–8:1)

(a) Jesus Christ (7:25)
(b) The Holy Spirit (8:1)

7. Take Away: (God does not work in us without us)

(a) A believer must count himself as dead to sin (verse 11)
(b) A believer must offer himself to God (verse 13)