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Romans 5:1-21

Romans 5:1-21


God’s acquittal of sinful man has immediate and ongoing benefits

1. Immediate Benefits (5:1-11)

(a) Peace with God (verse 1): Peace here does not mean inner tranquility, but an absence of hostility that existed because of sin (5:1) [the goal is that this peace between God and man must lead to man’s inner peace]

(a1) No longer Enemies (verse 2): A new relationship between God and those who have trusted in Jesus—no longer His enemies [a new access to stand in the gracious presence of God]

(a2) Reconciliation (verse 10): God has made a reconciliation with man when he believes in Jesus, who is the means of reconciliation and peace (5:10-11)—to have reconciliation both the parties must be involved

(b) The Holy Spirit (verse 5): God has given “the Holy Spirit” to the believers (verse 5 cf. Isaiah 32:15 and Joel 2:28-29 prophecy of restoration)

(c) Promise of Future Deliverance (verse 9): There is an assurance of deliverance from the “wrath of God” which will happen in the future

(d) Power to Break Free from the control of sin (verse 10): “how much more, since we have been reconciled, will we be saved by his life?” needs to be taken both are present and future. In other words, “It is a daily deliverance from the power and dominion of sin”—His abiding presence provides the power to break free from the control of sin

2. Ongoing Benefits (verses 12-21)—Adam vs. Jesus

(a) The consequences of Adam’s sin is diminished

(a1) Sin—spiritual death which is the separation from God (verse 12, 15)
(a2) Condemnation (verse 16)

(b) Result of Jesus’ obedience is the reversal of the consequences of Adam’s sin (verse 16)

(b1) Grace (verse 15)
(b2) Justification (verse 16)
(b3) Life (verse 18)

(c) Jesus becomes the head of the new race (by replacing Adam’s race) (verse 18-19)

3. Take Away

Give your life voluntarily for the purpose of bringing pleasure to God (12:1)