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Romans 3:21-26; 12:1

Romans 3:21-26; 12:1


1. Both religious and non-religious people stand condemned before God (3:9)

2. Instead of convicting them, God acquits them (verse 24)—i.e.,

(a) God treats them as if they were innocent when they are just the opposite (verse 21)—Paul calls it “the righteousness of God”

(b) God extends His grace to those who stand condemned before Him (verse 24)

(b1) It is received, never earned
(b2) It comes through faith, not meritorious activity

(c) God accomplished sinners’ acquittal by appointing Jesus to die on their behalf (verse 25)—“God presented Jesus Christ as a sacrifice of atonement”

3. God’s acquittal is available to everyone who believes in God’s work in Jesus (verse 26)

4. Take Away

(a) Receive God’s acquittal in your life (verse 26)
(b) Give your life voluntarily for the purpose of bringing pleasure to God (12:1)