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Romans 12:1-8

Romans 12:1-8


1. Believers’ best response to God’s favor towards them is to offer to Him their life as a worship by renouncing their claim over it in a complete consecration to Him—sacrifice—living, holy, and acceptable [This is not a command but an exhortation]

2. For such worship to take place, believers must consciously saturate their mind with the favors God has graciously extended to them so that (two passive verbs)—from depravity to reprograming

(a) Worldly influence on the believers (conformity, remodel) (“do not be shaped by the world”) will begin to diminish (Gentiles & Jews)

(b) And believers’ transformation (metamorphosis) will begin to take place

(c) As a result, they begin to understand the will of God in all situations of their life

(d) This will result in bringing continuous pleasure to God

3. A totally consecrated believer’s (note: “consecrated believer”) life will be characterized by:

(a) An intentional, realistic leaning towards humility and a willingness to associate with believers of low position (12:3)—all believers are given common faith that a group of believers must not usurp greater attention

(b) Minimizing division but promoting unity in their local church because of their common faith (12:3; 11:20-21 & 12:16)

(c) This common faith produces various gifts that need to be utilized for the benefit of everyone, not just to some selected ones (12:4-8)—they must avoid discrimination and partiality

4. Take Away

As many times as possible, remind yourself about God’s favors in your life (Romans 1-8)