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Romans 12:1-2

Romans 12:1-2


Sermon:How to become Spiritually sensitive to God’s will for your daily Life
Bible Passage: Romans 12:1-2

I. Introduction

1.  Christian Duty(behavioural change) must Flow out of Christian doctrine(the right belief system)
2. God’s mercy the basis for our transformation –

II. A breakdown of the appeal

1. The grounds of his appeal – The mercies of God
2. The object (audience) of the appeal – All believers in the Roman Church
3. The Objective or the end of the appeal – being able to discover God’s will
4. The means to that Objective – offering up your wholeself, by not conforming to this world but instead by being transformed

III. The basis of his appeal:

Key words:
1. Therefore – connecting word
2. Mercies of God – Explained in Romans Ch. 1 – 11

IV. Audience of his appeal:

Believers from all backgrounds united in Christ – Jews and Gentiles

V. The goal of his appeal:

That you may be able to discover and apply the will of God ( i.e., that you may be sanctified)

VI. The means of discovering and aligning ourselves to the will of God:

Offering yourself up to God mainly by
1. not conforming to the ways of this world – examine your own lifestyle
2,  Being transformed by looking at Christ, dwelling richly in the study of the Word and through this allowing the Spirit to renew your mind

Take Away