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Revelation 3:14–22

Revelation 3:14–22


I. Some important facts about Laodicea

1. The earliest name of this city was Diospolis, and then Rhoas. It was rebuilt and adorned by a Syrian king Antiochus II and named it Laodicea, after his wife name Laodice

2. A famous medical school

3. One of the main banking centres during Roman’s time

4. Producer of wools with richness of colour and fineness of texture

5. But, Loadicea lacked natural water supply

II. Some Observations from our text

1. Luke-warmness of this church vv.15-16

2. Deplorable condition of this church vv.17-18

(a) They are “Rich” but “Poor” (17-18a)
(b) They are “Clothed” but “Naked” (18b)
(c) Their eyes are “Open” but “Blind” (18c)

3. A church without Christ (Christless church) v. 20

III. Take Away

Let Jesus be the center of your life

Speaker: Tia Aier

Tia Aier is a teaching faculty both at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and South India Faith Baptist Bible College. A graduate of Baptist Bible College, Kerala, and Berean Baptist Bible College, Bangalore, for the past twelve years Tia has been a Bible teacher. Currently, Tia serves the Crossroad Church as Pastor of Member Care. Both Tia and his wife Lanuinela have a son Caleb, and they come from the state of Nagaland. Write to him at