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Revelation 3:1-6

Revelation 3:1-6


Sermon: The Church at Sardis
Bible Passage: Revelation 3:1-6

I. In the eyes of others, the Church at Sardis looked great!

1. It was a fairly wealthy church
2. It probably had a structure
3. It probably had a team of clergies!
4. It probably had other activities: songs, small groups, sermons, etc.
5. There is no obvious external threat to Christians in Sardis, but they themselves seemed to be their threat

II. But, to the eyes of Jesus, they were “dead” (3:1)

1. Could it be the lack of witness which makes them remain “dead”?
2. Could it be that there was no distinct mark of Christians when compared to the non-Christians?
3. Jesus knows the work of the Church at Sardis (3:1)

a. Man looks outside, but God sees inside
b. Deep knowledge
c. If Jesus were to make the same statement of us today, how would it look?

4. Jesus is making a comment sarcastically about the Church at Sardis (3:1)

a. They have a reputation to be alive (3:1)
b. Is it an imagery for “faking” or not having a realistic self-assessment?
c. May be, from their external religious signs

5. Jesus is making a realistic assessment of the Church at Sardis

a. They were dead (non-witnessing Christians)
b. A state of loss of life
c. A kind of spiritual lethargy
d. Low profile Christianity (keeping the light under the bushel)

III. Jesus warns the Church at Sardis to wake up from almost being dead (3:2)

1. Many of them probably did not see what Jesus was seeing in them
2. They were oblivious to their spiritual deadness
3. (there is an organic connection between life and witness, and deadness and lack of witness)
4. They probably were satisfied with their externals

IV. Jesus warns them to strengthen what is fast deteriorating (3:2)

1. This deterioration is evidenced from their deeds
2. They begin, but do not complete
3. They are unable to focus due to distractions
4. They compromise; do not hold on to their faith

V. Jesus gives them remedy for their spiritual deadness and way to be revived (3:3)

1. Wake up
2. Strengthen what remains
3. Remember or recollect the teachings (The Word of God); keep them
4. Repent from their sins
5. If not, death is sure

VI. Jesus warns that He will not ignore the Church’s handling of their Christian life (3:3-4)

1. “I will come” refers to Jesus’ coming for punitive action (3:3)
2. These Christians have “soiled their clothes”—refers to compromised lifestyle (3:4)
3. Those who do not heed to Jesus’ warning will risk their “reputation” being removed (3:5)
4. Those who heed to Jesus’ warning will be rewarded with Jesus’ appreciation before the Father (3:5)
5. This passage cautions those who take God’s grace for granted

Take Away:

Overcome your deteriorating spiritual death by holding fast to the teaching of the Word and by repenting from your compromises

Speaker: William J. Subash

Born and raised in south India, William J. Subash became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983 at the age of nineteen. After a brief career in a tea and coffee plantation, Subash decided to spend rest of his life to preach about Jesus and his life-transforming message of God, which is popularly known as “the Gospel.” Subash teaches New Testament Studies at two institutions: SAIACS in India and Liberty University Online, VA, USA. Currently, Subash serves as the chief point person for GROW Gospel Initiatives and the Lead Pastor of the Crossroad Church, Bangalore. Write to him at