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Psalm 84; Luke 15:17-23

Psalm 84; Luke 15:17-23

1. The psalmist stayed away far too long from God probably that gave him a fresh appreciation for His presence (verse 10)

(a) For the psalmist, the time spent with God is exponentially better than the time he probably spent in the company of “wicked” people (verse 10)

(b) Between the wicked people and God, the psalmist decides to choose God (verse 10) because:

(b1) A lovely place—to long for, yearn for, and to cry out to (verses 1-2)
(b2) A secure place—even for birds when they take shelter (verses 3-4)
(b3) A sure protection—“sun” and a “shield” (verse 11)
(b4) A place of true identity and recognition—“favor” and “honor” (verse 11)
(b5) A sure source of provision—“no good thing will He withhold” (verse 11)

2. The psalmist encourages those who stay away from God (those in wrong places) to move toward Him (verse 5)—“home coming”

(a) They are blessed (verses 5-6)
(b) They regain their strength (verse 7)

3. In Luke 15, the younger son spent far too long time from the Father (Luke 15:14-16)

(a) Famine and need (verse 14)
(b) An unattractive life (verse 15)
(c) Hunger and lose of identity (verse 16)

4. Just as the psalmist made his journey to the Temple (the presence of God), the wayward son travels back to the Father (Luke 15:17-20a)—“he got up and went to his father” 20a

5. The strayed son comes back home to his loving Father (Luke 15:17-23)

(a) Father’s house: a house of abundance (verse 17)
(b) Father’s house: a house of compassion (verse 20)
(c) Father’s house: a house of restoration (verse 20-23)

(Where do you like to spend most of your time? What/which brings excitement and joy?)

6. Take Away

(a) If your relationship with God does not give you passion and excitement, you need to examine where you are whether in the presence of God or in the company of the wicked

(b) Come back to God, the place of comfort and restoration