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Psalm 121

Psalm 121


Sermon: You Need a Companion; Don’t Go Alone
Bible Passage: Psalm 121

I. The first person, young and inexperienced, is about to start a journey

II. Or he is in the middle of his journey most likely to Jerusalem

III. He probably is going to be alone in this journey that involves travel day and night

IV. The terrain of his journey is filled with significant amount of difficulties

1. Steep paths, ravines, gorges
2. Caves where animals take shelter
3. Potentially, the place was filled with bandits and robbers

V. The statement “I look up to the mountain” expresses his desire/dream, but at the same time he seems to be aware of the challenges (verse 1)

1. He seems to be filled with fear and anxiety
2. Probably, he was either not undertaking the journey or quitting his journey halfway

VI. Our of his fear and anxiety, he as an important question

1. “Where is my help going to come from?” (verse 1)
2. Is he frightened that he was going to be alone?
3. Is he doubtful that he could make this journey himself?
4. He has a desire, but reality does not seem to favor him!

VII. To the anxious-psalmist’s question, four answers emerge—one from the young, inexperienced and three from more experienced person

1. God the Helper  (verse2 1-2)
2. God the always-wakeful watchman (verses 3-4)
3. God the protective umbrella (verses 5-6)
4. God the perpetual companion (verses 7-8)

VIII. All four of them are relevant to accomplish his dream

IX. Therefore, the second person in the psalm is encouraging the anxious first person to undertake the journey

X. He seems to be saying, “You need a companion; don’t go alone”

XI. Lessons from Psalm 121

1. One needs to have audacious godly dreams and life-purposes that can be beyond one’s immediate ability and capacity (make reference to Dream-Giver book)
2. One needs to have a godly encourager or a mentor, who will not stifle one’s quests but provide him/her with godly counsel
3. The pilgrim’s journey needs not be based on the conditions on ground, but it needs to be conditioned by the pilgrim’s relationship with the Lord

Take Away:

Ensure God goes with you

Speaker: William J. Subash

Born and raised in south India, William J. Subash became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983 at the age of nineteen. After a brief career in a tea and coffee plantation, Subash decided to spend rest of his life to preach about Jesus and his life-transforming message of God, which is popularly known as “the Gospel.” Subash teaches New Testament Studies at two institutions: SAIACS in India and Liberty University Online, VA, USA. Currently, Subash serves as the chief point person for GROW Gospel Initiatives and the Lead Pastor of the Crossroad Church, Bangalore. Write to him at