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Psalm 118:1-17

Psalm 118:1-17


1. The Lord brought deliverance to the psalmist when he was in distress (verse 5)

(a) Contrast: metzer to merhab (from distress to a broad place)

(b) You need not struggle alone

2. With the LORD’s deliverance, the psalmist expresses His trust in the following way:

(a) The LORD as helper (ezer) [the LORD helped the psalmist to handle his issues] (verse 7)

(b) The LORD as friend (one who loves intimately) (verse 6)

(c) The LORD as shelter (hazah) a place of protection (verses 8-9)

3. The result of psalmist’s understanding of his relationship with the LORD

(a) Physical victory (victory from enemies) (vv. 11-12)

(b) Emotional victory (confidence in the midst of being surrounded by enemies) (verse 14)

(c) Spiritual victory (hope for future victory) (verse 15-16)

4. This life experience and theology gives the psalmist a new purpose in life (verse 17)

(a) He wants to proclaim what the Lord has done in his life

(b) God’s past activity as a basis for petition and grateful trust in God’s future activity

5. In Mark 1:40-45, Jesus reaches out to a leper and changes his situation

(a) The leper has a new life, and

(b) He decides to proclaim Jesus to the public

6. Take Away

Convert your difficult moments to become God moments