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Psalm 1 & Galatians 5:19-25

Psalm 1 & Galatians 5:19-25


1. Background

(a) The opening Psalm sets in motion several contemplative themes that arise in the rest of the book (e.g. Psalms 37, 73, 24, 23, 119)

(b) There is no occasion to which the Psalm is ascribed neither is an author mentioned

2. The Psalmist’s Choice

(a) The Psalm is viewed as a timeless nugget of wisdom, it constrains to speak of a lifestyle that has perpetual value

(b) The word for blessed in Hebrew connotes “truly happy/of good fortune”, analogous to the Hebrew words that signify “to go straight” or “step/walk”

(c) The blessed individual is identified first by things he/she does not do (vv.1-2):

(c1) Does not walk in step with the wicked ̶ walking by their advice (Listening)
(c2) Does not stand in the way that sinners take ̶ not simply standing but standing firm in it (Acting)
(c3) Does not sit in the company of mockers ̶ not merely living that way of life, but also deliberating about it (Living)

(d) The blessed individual is further characterized by what he does (v.2):

(d1) Delights in the law of the Lord ̶ ceaseless interaction with God’s Word
(d2) Meditates on the law day and night ̶ constant murmur, regurgitating

(e) The blessed individual’s life is witnessed in being like a tree planted by streams of water (v.3, Jeremiah 17:8)

(f) Contrasting the tree a wicked individual’s life is like chaff. Further such people have no recognition in the presence of the righteous (vv.4-5)

(g) There is security in the way of the righteous because of guardian of their way is Yahweh (v.6)

3. The Believers Choice

(a) Paul writing to the Galatians highlights behaviour that is not compatible to one in whom the Holy Spirit resides (5:19-22)

(b) He then describes the ‘fruit’ or character that is observed in one who pursues a walk in step with the Spirit (5:22-25)

4. Take Away

Take an inventory of your life. Ask yourself are there influences/practices in your life that lead you away from holy living?