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Philippians 4:15-20

Philippians 4:15-20


Sermon: Giving and Receiving
Bible Passage: Philippians 4:15-20

I. Philippian Christians supported Paul’s ministry financially when he left Philippi for Achaea via Thessalonica (verses 15-16; cf. Acts 17:1)

1. Paul calls their financial support koinonia
2. Paul mentions about it in 2 Cor 8:1-5 where he uses different terms for their financial support

a. Grace (verse 1)
b. Generosity (verse 2-3)
c. Privilege (verse 4)
d. Elaborate—(verse 5)

3. They supported Apostle Paul not just ones, but more than ones (Phil 4:16; cf. 2 Cor 11:9; Acts 18:5)

II. Philippians giving has far reaching spiritual benefits than just transfer of some money (verse 17)

1. Though they gave money to Paul, it is treated as a credit in their account
2. According to Paul, it accrues interest/ in their account (compound interest is accumulated in the givers’ account)
3. The word “increase” tells that what they give for the cause of the Gospel has the potential to accrue/increase
4. Their investment in the Gospel work never goes waste
5. It has two functions: (1) advances Gospel work and (2) gets credited into their account with compound interest!

III. Philippians contribution to Paul’s ministry is equated to spiritual worship, which has an immense value in the sight of God (verse 18)

1. Fragrant offering

a. Acceptable sacrifice
b. Pleasing to God

2. The Philippians have not only supplied the needs of Apostle Paul, but they have offered a spiritual service to God
3. In the giving, there is a threefold cord: Philippian Christians, Paul, and God

IV. Instead of thanking the givers, Apostle Paul points to God’s reciprocity in the form of a doxology (verse 19-20)

1. My God will supply your every (kind of) need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (when they took care of Paul’s need, God will take care of all their needs)
2. God’s reciprocity will cover all their needs
3. Needs of the people of Philippi:

a. “poverty” (2 Cor 8:2)—God will richly supply their material needs
b. “opposition” (1:27-30)—God will richly supply what is needed (steadfastness, joy, and encouragement)
c. “disunity”—(1:25, 2:1-4, 4:2-3)—God will richly supply the grace and humility necessary
d. “grumbling” (2:14)—God will meet their need
e. “anxiety” (4:6)—God will be present with them as the “God of peace” (4:7, 9)

4. “My God,” Paul says, will act for me in your behalf by “filling to the full all your needs”

V. Observations:

1. Ministry is a teamwork

a. Pauls and believers working together
b. There is no spectator in this work
c. Pauls go out and believers facilitate the going
d. Everyone has a role to play and there is no place for apathy

2. “Giving and receiving” points to one’s conviction of the Truth
3. “Giving and receiving” is a heart matter; it is not a financial matter

a. Materially, “giving and receiving” demonstrate partnership and friendship
b. Theologically, “giving and receiving” demonstrate spiritual maturity and growth
c. Spiritually, “giving and receiving” is an act of worship to God

4. Some people do not have not because they have not received, but because they are not generously giving—it is not God’s problem, but it is the problem of the believers
5. When you take care of God’s need in the Gospel work, He takes care of ALL your need according to His riches in heaven
6. Giving is the barometer of one’s spiritual health

Take Away:

Give consistently and generously to the ministry of the Crossroad Church

Speaker: William J. Subash

Born and raised in south India, William J. Subash became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983 at the age of nineteen. After a brief career in a tea and coffee plantation, Subash decided to spend rest of his life to preach about Jesus and his life-transforming message of God, which is popularly known as “the Gospel.” Subash teaches New Testament Studies at two institutions: SAIACS in India and Liberty University Online, VA, USA. Currently, Subash serves as the chief point person for GROW Gospel Initiatives and the Lead Pastor of the Crossroad Church, Bangalore. Write to him at