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Philippians 2:12-18

Philippians 2:12-18


I. We live in a world that celebrates the lives of people/ institutions who have made a difference for good. Shouldn’t the local church also be celebration—worthy?

II. The Apostle Paul gives a call to unity to the Church at Philippi

1. Dissensions were affecting the church internally
2. Dissensions were tarnishing the testimony of the church

3. How can we be a testimony both individually and corporately in this world?

(a) Live a life of testimony motivated by the example set by Christ Himself (12a)

i. A life of testimony is lived out with reverence (12b)
ii. A life of testimony is lived out with God’s enablement (13)

(b) Shine as lights in a crooked and twisted generation, exemplified by unity (Vs. 14, 15)

i. A life of testimony is characterized by guidance from God’s word (Vs. 16a)
ii. A life of testimony results in confidence to meet our Lord Jesus at His Second Coming (Vs. 16b)
iii. A life of testimony is worth it (Vs. 16c)

(c) Rejoice in the midst of suffering, a result of living a life of testimony (Vs. 17, 18)

III. Take Away

Let us together shine as lights in this world!