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Obadiah 1:8-16

Obadiah 1:8-16


I. A Brief History

II. Enmity between brothers that became ancient hatred (Ezekiel 35:5)

III. God recollects the violence done by Edom against Judah in the past and holds them accountable now (Vs. 8,10-14,16)

(a) God is angry and upset with their behavior
(b) God pronounces the judgment on Edom where there is no escape

(c) The violence of Edomites

1. Abandoned God’s people at the time of their need (v. 11)
2. Passive onlookers are as good as oppressors (v. 11)
3. Rejoiced in the sufferings of God’s people (v. 12)
4. Revengeful attitude stopped them from helping
5. Plundered their wealth during their distress (v. 13)
6. Handed over God’s people to the oppressors (v. 14)

(d) God has placed Edom as an example for us

We too can behave like Edomites towards God’s people

IV. Church at Antioch as an Example – Acts 11:27-30

(a) Gentile church experiences the love of Christ
(b) They understood believers at Jerusalem as God’s people
(c) They yielded to the prompting of Spirit of the Lord in helping the needy
(d) They helped according to their ability
(e) They did not delay in sending their help
(f) They worked as a Church in meeting greater needs of the global church

V. Just like the people of Edom, we may also become spectators to the needs of our brothers and sisters. Consequently,

(a) We may become passive onlookers, not helping them in their time of need
(b) We will carry on with our own business, not concerned about our brothers
(c) Forget that we all are children of our Heavenly Father

VI. Take Away

Identify a person in need and meet the need without any delay