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Obadiah 1:1-9

Obadiah 1:1-9


1. A Brief History

2. God ordered complete destruction because of Edom’s Pride (Vs. 3,5,6)

(a) They put their trust in their habitats (Vs. 3)
(b) They felt more secure in the high place (Vs. 3a)
(c) They trusted their people around them (Vs. 7-9)
(d) They thought no one can defeat them (Vs. 3b)

3. God Himself is against Edom to destroy completely (Vs. 2-9)

(a) God will make them despised (Vs. 2)
(b) God will bring them down (Vs. 4)
(c) God will turn their allies to enemies (Vs.7)
(d) God will turn their treaty partners to deceive them (Vs. 7)
(e) God will make their trusted friends to attack them (Vs. 7)
(f) God will destroy their wise men (Vs. 8)
(g) God will defeat their warriors (Vs.8)
(h) God will destroy everyman in Mt. Esau/Edom (Vs. 9)

4. God’s sovereign act brings justice

(a) Everything we have and own is from God
(b) Judah is judged for their sins—God brought Babylonians to punish Judah
(b) Edom is punished for their pride—God is bringing nations to judge Edom
(d) God gave the land to Israelites and God gave Mt. Edom to Esau (Joshua 24:4)

5. In gaining Christ we lose our Pride (Philippians 3:4-11)

(a) Power, Position and Performance in the flesh counted as rubbish (Vs. 5-7)
(b) Realizing and responding to the surpassing worth of Christ (Vs. 8,9)
(c) Complete dependence on God’s righteousness (Vs. 9)
(d) Proclamation of Christ’s Righteousness is Worship

6. Take Away

Empty your confidence in the flesh and Gain Christ