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Matthew 25:14-30

Matthew 25:14-30


1. Theme

During the time between Jesus’ physical absence and His future coming, His followers must work hard to make profit for Him with what He has entrusted to them so that He will be pleased with them when He comes back

2. Just before the Master went on a journey, he gave to each of the three stewards a sum of money

(a) The money was not given away to the stewards, but it continues to belong to the master—stewardship
(b) The stewards must work hard with the money so that it would give profitable return to the Master
(c) The Master did not give instruction as to how the money needed to be put to work
(d) But their work was based on their own initiatives that was based on their love for their Master
(e) The Master did not expect all three stewards to carry the same load, but He expected all three stewards to perform their best

3. After the Master left them, the stewards began their work

(a) Two stewards made serving their master their priority—it probably involved risk
(b) So they worked hard and multiplied their Master’s money
(c) The third steward operated on a faulty premise
(d) Instead of working hard, he played safe—he did not take any risk

4. After a long period, the Master returned

(a) The Master reviewed the work of his stewards
(b) The Master rewarded those who worked hard with compliments and additional responsibility (promotion!)
(c) The third steward tried to give excuses: “You are so hard and demanding, and I am so powerless and fearful”
(d) The Master was frustrated and disappointed with the attitude of the steward who was lazy
(e) The Master condemned the steward who was lazy by removing the responsibility away from him (demotion!)

5. Through this parable, Jesus teaches that:

(a) “Master’s happiness” must become every believer’s motivation—not His condemnation
(b) What God has entrusted to His disciples is capable of being multiplied when invested and exercised correctly with right motivation
(c) Jesus’ disciples [you and me] must risk their lives to please him [to bring happiness to Him]
(d) How much or how many one has been given does not matter, but what one does with what he/she has matters
(e) No one has the luxury to say that they do not want to use what God has entrusted to them, because the Lord is against such attitude

6. Take Away (the Crossroad Church provides a good platform to invest what God has entrusted to you)

(a) Identify what the Lord has given to you (singing, hospitality, teaching, compassion, evangelism, graphic design, nursery volunteer, videography, giving, etc.)
(b) Invest what He has entrusted to you, which involves risks—“risking” pleases the Master