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Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew 2:1-12


1. Background

(a) Matthew has informed us of the identity of Jesus through his genealogy (1:1-17)
(b) The Gospel writer helps us to calibrate Joseph’s obedience to the God (1:18-25)

2. Men on a Mission

(a) Their mission was to locate the ‘king of the Jews’, and their purpose to worship him

(b) These were men of great reputation in their land and known around the then known world

(b1) They were an ancient people and we see Biblical history towards their tribe in Esther, Daniel and Jeremiah
(b2) Somewhere they had also gotten into magic and sorcery (Acts 8:4; 13:6)

(c) Of such reliability was the wisdom of these men that even Herod depended on them to locate Jesus

3. Worship of the King

(a) The Wise men

(a1) The wise men were enthusiastic in their search. In contrast to the paleness of chief priests and teachers of the law
(a2) Men whose word could install and uninstall kings are on bended knee before a child who was living in an ordinary house

(a3) Their worship befitted any earthly king they would have otherwise met

– They did not let the setting determine their worship of Jesus
– They had thoughtfully put together their gifts
– They did not let the peasantry of Jesus, Mary and Joseph influence their offering

(b) The Believer/The Church

(b1) Our worship of the Triune Lord, involves the worship of Jesus who was born in a manger, worked as a carpenter, proclaimed and revealed the Father, died on the cross, rose and is seated at the right hand of the Father

(b2) He is a King with many a contrast

– While he was fully human, yet he was fully divine
– While he was sinless, he mingled with the sinful
– At his infancy he was worshipped by the ordinary and the wise
– At his death he appeared a loser, yet when he rose he was a winner
– At his coming again he will come as the King of kings, not of meanly estate but of Kingly estate

4. Take Away

This Christmas season prepare an appropriate gift of worship to offer to the King of kings and Lord of lords