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Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52


1. Recap from Last Week

(a) KOG has two dimensions: present & future
(b) In the present, it refers to: “God’s kingly rule”—it comes both to individuals and community collectively
(c) Jesus is the bringer of the KOG
(d) God’s rule comes with: salvation & forgiveness
(e) Church is not the KOG but it contains people of the Kingdom (wheat and tares)

2. When God’s reign [KOG] begins in an individual’s life through Jesus

(a) It [God’s reign] has the potential to grow, develop, and expand—it is a gradual process (vv. 31–32)
(b) It has the potential to influence, transform, and make difference—change of properties (regeneration) (verse 33)

3. Therefore

(a) Fight defeatism
(b) Avoid quick results
(c) Develop godly patience
(d) Do not underestimate the small beginnings

4. God’s reign in your life is worth sacrificing anything to gain it (vv. 44-45)

5. Abandon anything that stands in the way of wholehearted allegiance to the priorities of the Kingdom (vv. 44-45)

6. Take Away

Check what you are NOT leaving/forsaking to possess God’s rule in your life