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Luke 15:11-32

Luke 15:11-32


1. A few highlights about the Father in the story?

(a) Acts in accordance with the son’s wish—not authoritarian (vv. 11-12)

(b) Compassionate—absence of grudge

(c) Father’s compassion precedes son’s words of confession

(d) Initiator of son’s restoration from estrangement—He runs to receive his prodigal son who was in rags, thin, and dirty and embraces him

(e) Does not rejoice over the failure of his son—loving

(f) Gracious

(f1) Unmerited favor toward a person when he deserves the opposite

(f2) Willingness to reach down with affection those who can never deserve it

(f3) Willingness to forgive the guilty of his sins and to deliver him from the punishment he deserved

(f4) Grace is given without an ulterior motive

2. Through this parable, Jesus teaches that “Kingdom-fathers” function as agents of restoration and redemption—this causes “rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God”

(a) In a family such as the one in this parable, every one behaves differently

(a1) The one who stays away from the Father did not find what he thought would find

– Freedom instead of slavery
– Success instead of failure
– Prosperity instead of poverty
– Friends instead of enemies

(a2) The one who stayed with the Father did not have what he needed to have (i.e., relationship)

– He substituted hard work in the place of a philial relationship
– He substituted activities in the place of heart relationship
– He did not take time to understand his father’s heart
– He could not win the father’s approval by just being faithful

(b) Jesus prefers the “Kingdom father” to be gracious than merit-based

3. Take Away (Gospel Centered Fathers)

Look at the heavenly Father and imitate Him in your relationship with your children and wife