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Luke 14:25-35

Luke 14:25-35


1. Context of the Parable

(a) Large crowds are travelling with Jesus (v.25)

(b) Jesus turns to the crowd which includes his disciples and makes a radical statement (vv.26-27)

(c) There are two qualifications that identify themselves with being Christ’s disciple…

(c1) Jesus is loved more than family or self
(c2) The disciple of Christ carries a cross as he or she follows him

2. Unpacking the Parable

(a) In speaking the two parables Jesus provokes his listeners to think further on what he had just said

(b) The first parable, one from the life setting in Palestine, was that of honour and shame (vv.28-30)

(c) The second parable, one from a political setting, war and peace (vv.31-32)

(d) Both the parables complement one another with the understanding that one should:

(d1) Be fully cognizant of what Christ’s Salvation offers and demands

(e) It is not somethings in the Christian, but everything that demands allegiance to Christ (vv.33-35)

3. Discipleship Demonstrated by Christ

(a) He was willing to lay down his life in obedience to the will of the Father…’He loved his Father to Death’

(b) He carried the cross daily facing ridicule, separation and betrayal during his earthly ministry

Take Away

Take stock of that which is still not in submission to Christ