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Luke 10:25-37

Luke 10:25-37


1. Background of the Parable

An expert in the Law had a specific interest in Jesus. He chooses to question Jesus on ‘doing’ something to inherit eternal life. This ensues towards a Q&A in which Jesus occasions the parable. (vv. 25-28)

2. Unpacking the Parable

(a) A place, a person, an incident and a concern (v.30)
(b) Two travellers on the road, namely a priest and a Levite show neglect towards the man’s plight (vv. 31, 32)
(c) The word ‘but’, occasions for something contrary the Samaritan, is compassionate to the need of this fellow traveller. (v.33)
(d) Compassion on the side of the Samaritan is evidenced in action (vv.34, 35)
(e) Jesus uses the parable to respond to the lawyers’ need for justifying his actions, by asking him to decipher ‘who was a neighbour’ rather than ‘who is a neighbour’. (v.36)
(f) Jesus has the last word…the answer of the lawyer is right, however Jesus desires he do as a result of it (v.37)

3. Purpose of the Parable

(a) Ones’ loving God, employs the same faculties in loving others (viz. heart, soul, strength and mind)
(b) A Christian’s test of genuine love of and for God, is in his/her loving others as himself/herself. (1 John 3:16-18)

4. Take Away

Exercise your love for God, in a manner that is substantive (Go and do likewise!)