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John 6: 12-15, 24-29, 35-40

John 6: 12-15, 24-29, 35-40


1. Observations

(a) The feeding of the “Five Thousand” and “Jesus walking on water are Jesus” 4th and 5th signs in the Gospel of John. These happen in the area of Galilee (v.1)
(b) There is a crowd (Jews) that follows Jesus because of the signs he had performed by healing the sick (v.2)
(c) The crowd seem to identify Jesus as „The Prophet‟ and intend to make him king by force (vv. 14-15)
(d) The crowd who ate stay on through the night and not finding Jesus or his disciples they sail for Capernaum
(e) Jesus sees the real intent of the crowd and intends them to point them to his authority given by the Father to give eternal life (vv. 26-29)
(f) The crowd asks for a sign immediately after they have experienced something supernatural the previous day (v.30)
(g) Jesus claims to be the “bread of life,” the crowd identifies his statement and claim to his earthly parentage (vv.35-42)
(h) Jesus corrects the Jewish understanding of the manna that was received in the desert and contrasts it with the “living bread” (vv. 47-51)
(i) The teaching becomes an offense, as the disciples see more of cannibalism (vv.52-60)
(j) It leads to a dissension with only the 12 remaining and the rest of the disciples leaving (vv. 61-71)

2. Inferences

(a) Jesus contrasts the sustaining nature of earthly bread with that of „heavenly bread‟
(b) Jesus is not a greater prophet than Moses, he is the Messiah
(c) For one to be a recipient of eternal life he or she has to partake of Christ’s Body: “flesh” and “blood”

3. Theology

The ordinance of “Communion” identifies with the authority of Christ, given to him by the Father and the work of the Spirit leading to Eternal Life

4. Take Away: Seek to nourish your soul with “Real Food” and “Real Drink”

(a) Consider your prayer life
(b) Your time spent with Scripture
(c) Your engagement with people of faith