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John 1:1-18

John 1:1-18


1. According to John 1:1-18

(a) Jesus pre-existed (verse 1) [compare John 1 & Genesis 1: Jesus existed before Genesis 1:1]

(b) Jesus was in a mutual relationship with God the Father (verse 1)

(c) Jesus and God the Father share the same essence/substance (vv.1-2a)

(d) Jesus was the instrument and agent in creation (verse 3, 10)

(e) Jesus is the source of life (verse 3)

2. The purpose of Jesus’ Incarnation is

(a) To dispel darkness in human beings and give them authority to become children of God the Father (verses 3-5, 9)

(b) To be a guide of humanity (skenoun refers to “God’s presence”) (verse14 cf. Exodus 40:34)

(c) To bring grace and truth (verse 17)

(d) To become the visible presence of the Father (verse18)

3. According to the Prologue, the purpose of “the Word” becoming “Man” is

(a) To help “men and women” to become “children of God” (verse 12-13)

(b) To lead “men and women” towards God the Father with His divine presence (v. 14)

(c) To give “men and women” God’s grace that they do not deserve (verse 17)

4. Take Away

Enjoy the grace of God the Father that is available through Jesus