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John 10:22-30

John 10:22-30


Sermon: Christ the good Shepherd and the characteristics of His sheep
Bible Passage: John 10:22-30

Outline to the book of John: John uses signs (miracles) to point people to Christ as the promised Messiah.

Outline to chapter 10: In the context of the sixth sign (healing of the man born blind) Christ teaches on His role as the Shepherd of His sheep

1. Context (v22, 23): It is the feast of the dedication during winter and Christ is walking in Solomon’s porch
2. Confrontation (v24): A group of people gather around Christ and ask a provocative insincere question
3. Christ’s response (v25,26): Christ responds with both affirmation of His messiahship and also insights into their unbelief
4. The characteristics of Christ’s sheep (v27)

a. Belonging to Christ: Christ has absolute ownership of His sheep and leads them as their pasture-providing, life-giving, selfsacrificing Shepherd.
b. Christ’s sheep hear His voice: The sheep of Christ are tuned to the voice of Christ; recognize it and do not recognize the voice of a stranger.
c. Christ knows His sheep: Christ knows His sheep intimately, passionately and comprehensively like how the God the Father and God the Son know each other.
d. Christ’s sheep follow Him: The sheep of Christ follow Christ the shepherd with commitment and trust

5. The rewards of being Christ’s sheep

a. Eternal life (v28): Christ lays down His life for His sheep and gives them eternal life.
b. Eternal security (v29,30): The sheep of Christ are eternal secure in the hands of the Father and the Son; the trinitarian security cannot be breached by anyone!