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Joel 2:18-27 & John 15:1-8

Joel 2:18-27 & John 15:1-8


1. Joel’s perspective on crisis

(a) The crisis is God’s chastisement (2:12-17)
(b) It is not to harm the believers, but to get their attention and bring them to God (2:12-17)
(c) Solution to the crisis is believer’s repentance—both individual and corporate

2. God responds with favor to those who repent and come back to Him in genuine prayer (2:18-27)

(a) Jealous God (2:18)— קנא a very strong attachment to a person or object
(b) Compassionate God (2:18)— חָמַל applies to the emotion leading to the action of sparing

(c) Reversal of crisis (2:19)

(c1) Food and vegetation (2:19, 22-24)
(c2) Enemy (2:20)
(c3) Additional compensation for the loss (2:25-27)

(d) Believers’ prayer and repentance move God—penitential prayer is vital for one’s relationship with God

3. In John 15, Jesus explains the path of faithful service to the Father and the importance of fruitfulness

(a) There is a possibility that some “believers” of Jesus Christ can merely exist without bringing any benefit to the Father (15:5)
(b) The only reason why they merely exist is because they do not “remain” in Jesus (15:1, 4-5)—possibility of being a parasite
(c) Failure to continue in an abiding relationship with Jesus will result in fruitlessness (15:6)—a believer cannot bear fruit on his own, only through Jesus [therefore, a believer must not think that bearing fruit is his effort]

(d) Fruitlessness of a believer will be dealt with by the Father (15:2, 6)

(d1) “cuts off” αἴρω (15:2)
(d2) “thrown out,”—βάλλω “dries up,”—ξηραίνω, and “burnt”—καίω (15:6)

4. Believers in Jesus can be abundantly fruitful—a reversal of fruitlessness

(a) He must let Jesus “prune”—the Word must do the cleansing [sometimes it is painful]
(b) He must “remain” in Jesus—prayer, fellowship, and sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit [intentional efforts]

5. Take Away

Return to God by renouncing nominalism and complacency

(a) Listen to God’s Word
(b) Give importance to prayer and fellowship