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Joel 2:12-17 & Hebrews 10:26-31

Joel 2:12-17 & Hebrews 10:26-31


1. The people of Judah were facing a crisis

(a) Locust invasion (1:4-7)
(b) Economic crisis—agriculture is affected (1:812)
(c) Destruction by fire (1:19-20)
(d) Joel tells that the crisis is God’s chastisement— The Day of the LORD (2:12-17)

2. The cause for the crisis

(a) Probably, ignoring their relationship with God—“return” (cf. 2:12)
(b) External religion (2:13)—casualness

3. Joel asks the people to respond to the terrible events facing them

(a) Joel tells that healing and restoration begin only after repentance begins (2:12-17)
(b) Joel tells that they need to have real, spiritual remorse (2:12-17)

4. NT: A saved person must not habitually dishonor God (Hebrews 10:26-31)

(a) Present participle hamartanó with hekousiós points to “habitual” or “willful” (verse 26)—deliberate act of covenant unfaithfulness (cf. Numbers 15:22-31)—“blatant defiance”
(b) The expression “after receiving the knowledge of the truth” points to genuine salvation (verse 26)
(c) The willful sinner also treats the precious, sacred blood of Christ, which inaugurated the new covenant and by which he was sanctified, as something common and profane, “an unholy thing” (verse 29)
(d) No sacrifice is left (cf. Numbers 15:22-31)—“shall cut off” is emphatic in Numbers 15:30-31
(e) Judgment and raging fire (verse 27)—the penalty is not eternal damnation but rather physical punishment, small to big (cf. 1 Corinthians 11:25-30)
(f) God will judge His people (verse 30))—The point is that new covenant believers cannot presume upon the salvation brought to them in Christ to cause God to overlook their willful disobedience

(g) Willful acts—

(g1) Failure to draw near (10:22)
(g2) Failure to hold fast (10:23)
(g3) Failure to stir up one another to love and good deeds because of habitual absence from the community (10:24-25)
(g4) Spiritual lethargy (5:11-14; 6:4-12)—resulting in loss of zeal, lack of confidence and faltering hope

5. Take Away

“Repent” and “come back” to God