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Isaiah 40:28-31

Isaiah 40:28-31


I. Background of the passage

1. Chapters 40–55 is addressed to the tribe of Judah who were in captivity/exile in Babylon approximately between 597 BC, 585 and 538 B.C was the last invasion.

2. If you obey the commandments I have given you, the Lord would richly bless you. But if you would be disobedient, God’s curse would fall on you.

3. Part of the curse is (Deuteronomy 28:36)

4. For a few centuries there was no king. ‘Everyone did what was right in his own eyes’ (Judges 21:25), instead of seeking the will of God.

5. The city of Jerusalem was burnt in 586, and the temple destroyed (2 Kings 25:1-21).

II. God does not forget his people but pursues after them. He reminds them of his sovereignty and gives them opportunity to repent and turn to him.

1. Do you not know? Have you forgotten how I led your fore fathers from the slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land?

2. They were overpowered by their situation, that they either could not think about their mighty God, God of their fore fathers, or they could not trust Him anymore.

3. Everlasting God: He reminds them that created things have their beginning and ending but not so with God, the creator. He exists forever and he is always the same. Not like the gods that they made by themselves.

III. Good news of hope and rest for those who are tired/weary from the one who is almighty, who never grows tired or weary.

1. Tired and weary both have a common meaning which means being overcome by circumstances.

2. The people of Judah are called to set their hope on the fact that the God in whom they believe is the creator of the universe and he alone is sovereign.

3. Out of the darkest of times in the life of Judah, God’s Word comes as a message of hope to them thru Isaiah.

4. Jesus invites us in Matthew 11:28

IV. Knowing God and who he is enables us to wait and hope in him.

When Daniel saw the seventy years drawing to a close, he was concerned because he saw no evidence that the captivity was ending. Gabriel answered Daniel’s prayer about this and assured him that all would be brought about in due time, according to the Lord’ word (Daniel 9:1-5; 16-18).

V. Take Away

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord (Act 3:19).

Speaker: Caleb Kent

For the past sixteen years, Caleb Kent has been in the worship ministry. At the Naga Christian Fellowship, he served for two and half years as an associate pastor. He holds an MTh in Pastoral Theology and Counselling from SAIACS, Bangalore. Caleb and his wife Bokyoung are blessed with two daughters, Charis and Yena. They are passionate about giving pastoral care and discipleship to the church members. Write to him at