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Genesis 22:1-19

Genesis 22:1-19


Sermon: A Lamb for Life
Bible Passage: Genesis 22: 1-19; John 1:29


Moses had written this book and passage to the people of Israel who were getting ready to “ENTER”  into the land of Canaan  (the promised land).
In his (Abraham) 25 years of wandering, God, for the first time, is calling him to WORSHIP  Him by sacrificing his son Isaac.

I. Some questions for consider:

1. What was Moses trying to teach the people of Israel by narrating this incident or event in the life of Abraham?
2. What did the people of Israel see or learn from this event?

a. God was showing His people through Moses that their very entrance to the promised land is purely based on His divine providence (the Lamb) – God’s grace.
b. Israel’s existence (well-being) in the land is purely because of His grace ( divine provision of the Lamb)
c. This act of worship by sacrificing Isaac threatened the very existence of the nation of Israel.
d. Whenever Israel think of this event, they should think of the “Lamb” God provided Abraham.
e. This would help them to live in the promised land in gratitude and complete obedience to God and hence continued blessings and to enjoy His rule over them.

II. In the Gospel of John 1:29 Behold, the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world.

III. “Sin should be atoned for”.

1. Every religious person, in all the major religions in the world makes atonement or appeasement to their gods by sacrificing various things.
2. Every religious person is afraid of sin when committed, hence a sacrifice is given for a well-being of his/her life.

IV. John 3:16 tells us that, “God so loved the world”,  God had to give His Son for the atonement of our sin.

1. In the context of the resurrection in I Corinthians 15 Paul teaches us that: “If Christ did not die.If Christ is not risen from the dead, we are the most miserable people.
2. Christ “the Lamb of God” died in our place.

a. He is our atonement
b. He is our salvation
c. He is our well-being
d. He is our very existence
e. He is our hope.

3. We can never imagine a life if Christ did not die or if the Gospel did not come to us.
4. As believers of Christ, we must need to be reminded every time, because of Christ, we have life, we move about, we have all things (Intentional Christian living). Living for the glory of God.
5. Unbelievers must be told /taught this very ACT of God for his/her existence in this world (common grace)

Take Away:

1. How do I exist in this world?
2. What is the purpose of my existence?

Speaker: Tia Aier

Tia Aier is a teaching faculty both at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and South India Faith Baptist Bible College. A graduate of Baptist Bible College, Kerala, and Berean Baptist Bible College, Bangalore, for the past twelve years Tia has been a Bible teacher. Currently, Tia serves the Crossroad Church as Pastor of Member Care. Both Tia and his wife Lanuinela have a son Caleb, and they come from the state of Nagaland. Write to him at