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Ephesians 1:11-19

Ephesians 1:11-19


I. The phrase “in whom” refers to Jesus Christ who is the center of all things of the universe (cf. vv 9-10)

II. The Jewish Christians—the first fruits of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection—were given a special privilege to enjoy the fortunes of Christ (verse 11)

III. It is not only that they were brought under the Lordship of Jesus, but also, the blessings of the “inheritance/fortunes (check the word “also” or “even”)

1. What is the nature of the fortunes/inheritance?
2. May be: adoption, forgiveness, and Lordship of Jesus

IV. The expression “praise of His glory” (verses 6, 12, 14) refers to:

1. Verse 1:12 does not mean that the Jewish Christians would sing and shout, but they would eventually become God’s glory (cf. Isaiah 62:7, Deuteronomy 26:19, Jeremiah 13:11)

2. He who is a praise is characterized by more than just occasional outbursts of enthusiasm or by martyrdom once bravely endured

3. His total existence in good and evil days, from the cradle to the grave, his strength and his weakness are included.

4. Following Ephesians 1:12, God has decided that the Jewish Christians should be music ministers of God not solely in special hours, places, actions, sufferings, but through their very existence—be it in the promised land or in exile, in positions of honor as held by Joseph and Daniel, or in the predicament of Jeremiah and Jonah

V. Just as to the Jewish Christians, Gentile Christians are also given a special privilege to enjoy the inheritance/fortunes of Christ (verse 13-14)

1. Inheritance for Gentile Christians is validated by the Holy Spirit (verse 13)

2. The Holy Spirit is the certificate of God’s ownership (Ezekiel 36:26-27; 37:14; Joel 2:28-29; Luke 24:49, Acts 1:8)

3. It happens at the time of hearing the Gospel and responding to it

4. It assures the security of the believers

5. The Holy Spirit sealing is just the down payment (pledge “a portion of what is come”) (verse 14; cf. Genesis 38:17, 18, 20)

6. The first phase of the redemption is the release from the power of sin and obligation and the second phase will be free from the presence of sin (verse 14)

7. During the time between, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is important

VI. Just as the Jewish Christians, the end result of the Gentile Christians is that they will become “the praise of His glory” (vv. 6, 12, 14)

VII. Take Away

Pray that God the Father will help you to understand the call to which He has called you

Speaker: William J. Subash

Born and raised in south India, William J. Subash became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983 at the age of nineteen. After a brief career in a tea and coffee plantation, Subash decided to spend rest of his life to preach about Jesus and his life-transforming message of God, which is popularly known as “the Gospel.” Subash teaches New Testament Studies at two institutions: SAIACS in India and Liberty University Online, VA, USA. Currently, Subash serves as the chief point person for GROW Gospel Initiatives and the Lead Pastor of the Crossroad Church, Bangalore. Write to him at