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Daniel 1:1-21

Daniel 1:1-21


1. Daniel’s Profile (verses 3-5)

(a) Royal descent—may be from the tribe of Judah

(b) Healthy, young, and handsome

(c) Aptitude for every kind of learning—comprehension

(d) Well informed and quick to understand

(e) Ability to serve in the palace

(f) A privileged education and linguist

(g) Privileged diet

(h) Opportunity to achieve a privileged position

2. Daniel’s Resolution

(a) Not to defile himself with royal food but eat just vegetables and water (verse 8)

(b) While remaining faithful to his vocation, he would remain faithful to God (verse 8)

(c) While serving in the foreign kingdom, he would not lose his Jewish identity (verse 8, cf. 6:10)

(c1) He would rather be alone or in minority than flow with the crowd

(c2) He would not sacrifice his future for the present

3. Daniel’s Risks (Chapter 1)

(a) To refuse the royal diet could have been construed as an insult to the king and as an act of disobedience to king’s orders

(b) Pressure from his peers most certainly made the decision difficult

(c) By choosing this course of action, Daniel was setting himself apart from the others

(d) Such behavior could have jeopardized their chances for advancement

(e) The quality of food would been attractive and best in the land

(f) Their new location may have tempted them to be unfaithful

4. The Result of his Stand

(a) God favored Daniel’s decision by granting him favor with the officer (verse 9, 12-14)

(b) God favored Daniel with health and look (verse 15)

(c) God gave Daniel wisdom (verse 17)

(d) God blessed Daniel with long life (verse 21)

5. Lessons Learned

(a) When a believer is placed in an environment that is materially prosperous but spiritually hostile, he/she must lean towards spiritual wellbeing over material prosperity

(b) Just because the superiors and authorities are favorable to a believer, he/she must not do everything they tell them to do

(c) Just because several things are available to a believer, they need not be appropriate for them

(d) Your character gets developed when you learn to handle your prosperous, friendly moments

(e) When a believer’s heart is in the right place, God will (may) send help from places they normally do not expect

(f) Without your permission, your surrounding cannot touch you

6. Take Away

Consider developing values based on your relationship with God (they become your sandbox)