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1. The Colossian Christians had

(a) Faith in Christ Jesus (1:4a)
(b) Love for fellow Christians (1:4b)
(c) A transformed life (1:6)

2. Paul desires that the Colossian Christians might

(a) Go beyond faith, love, and transformation

(b) Be filled with the knowledge of the “will of God” (1:9)

(b1) A practical awareness of “God’s will” with regard to:
– Family, children,
– Job, finance, wealth
– Success, failure,
– Local church, gifts, talents,

(b2) Behind everything, there is “God’s will”

(b3) The “knowledge of the will of God” helps believers:
– To live a life worthy of God (1:10) (this knowledge affects one’s daily living/conduct)
– To please God in every area of their life
– To bear fruit for God

(b4) The “knowledge of the will of God” protects believers from wrong teachings, incorrect decisions, wrong steps, etc.

3. Take Away

(a) Commit to study God’s word to understand God and His plans

(a1) Join our theology and introduction classes
(a2) Develop a Bible-study plan
(a3) Buy good books (ask for suggestions)