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Colossians 2:6-7

Colossians 2:6-7


Sermon: Walking in Christ, Abounding in Thanksgiving
Bible Passage: Colossians 2:6-7

I. These two verses are Paul’s succinct description of the teaching in Colossians so far and the fundamental call to the Colossian Church

II. The Christian experience begins with receiving Christ Jesus as Lord

1. They received Christ by receiving the Gospel (1:5-7)
2. They received Christ in them through spiritual union (1:27)
3. Christ Jesus, the Messiah, is the supreme Lord, ruler and authority over everything (1:15-19)

III. As we receive Christ Jesus the Lord, we are to walk (live) in Him

1. To live in Christ is to have a Gospel shaped life (1:5-7)
2. To live in Christ is to be knit together in love with the Church(2:3)
3. To live in Christ is to put away sin (3:5-9)
4. To live in Christ is to put on Christ-like character and to be renewed into the image of Christ (3:10-14)
5. To live in Christ is to walk in wisdom with the world (4:5)

IV. The condition of people who walk in Christ are:

1. They are rooted in Christ: Their innermost roots are intricately connected to Christ; they derive their life, growth, strength and sustenance from Christ
2. They are being built up in Christ: With Christ as the foundation, they are being built into a spiritual building.
3. They are being established in the faith: They are being firmly grounded in the faith.

V. The means of walking in Christ: Learning Christ through the scriptures

VI. The fruit of walking in Christ: Abounding in thanksgiving

Take Away:

Walk in Christ Jesus your Lord, abounding in thanksgiving.