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2 Samuel 24:24 & Mark 14:3-9

2 Samuel 24:24 & Mark 14:3-9


1. David does “out of the ordinary” to please God (2 Samuel 24:24)

(a) David “goes out” to Araunah’s place—he does not invoke his kingly position, but expresses humility

(b) David rejected a free offer of the land, but

(c) David wanted his personal involvement in the purchase of the land that demonstrated high respect for God

(d) Before His God, David expressed humility and brokenness (2 Samuel 24:17 “I have sinned; I, the shepherd, have done wrong)

(e) David aims to hold God with highest regard (cf. 1 Chronicles 29)

(f) David expressed his devotion for God in action

2. The “nameless” woman attempts to reciprocate Jesus’ kindness to her with “out of the ordinary” actions (Mark 14:3-9)

(a) She gate-crashes the dinner party—Jewish women did not ordinarily attend banquets with men

(a1) It was a breach of etiquette for a woman to be in the company of men
(a2) The woman expresses her faith and determination to love Jesus

(b) She ignored the ridicule of the religious men—“And they rebuked her harshly”—“express displeasure sternly” (14:5)

(c) She gave Jesus the most expensive item

(c1) A woman who generally is economically dependent to give such an expensive is out of the ordinary
(c2) It could cost her a year worth of savings

(d) She emptied the alabaster, signifying “I have given away all I have”—to completely break it with an intention not to save anything leftover

(e) She was extravagant in her treatment of Jesus—a model of true worship

(f) In the eyes of the onlookers, the woman did a wasteful thing but in Jesus’ sight she did a beautiful thing

(g) It is not that the value of the gift that Jesus was appreciative of, but her motive and intent (compare this with the woman who gave just two coins)

3. Worship is expressed in deeds, not necessarily in words alone

(a) Use of time, talent, and resources is a good indicator of one’s understanding of God

(a1) Work hard and give
(a2) Spare your time in the midst of your heavy schedule
(a3) Push your talents beyond their limit

4. Worship is all about a desire to make God big

It is about one’s attempt to match his deeds with the person of God because one’s worship is proportionate to one’s understanding of God

5. Take Away

Attempt an “out of the ordinary” step to worship God with your time, talent, and resources