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2 Corinthians 5:16-21

2 Corinthians 5:16-21


Sermon: Saved for a Purpose
Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

I. Background

1. This book lends a lot of personal insight into Paul’s life. AD56
2. Paul invested a considerable amount of time in Corinth and we see great concern for the welfare of this church.
3. False teachers had infiltrated the church and attacked Paul’s credibility and message.
4. Paul wrote this book to defend his integrity and apostleship.
5. Corinth was a cosmopolitan city with strong pagan influences.
6. Paul uses the word “ambassador” Greek (presbeutes) or Latin (legatus).
7. Ch 5 could be considered as Paul’s statement on missions.

II. Reconciled to God for a purpose – To become ambassadors for Christ

1. We cannot be a respecter of persons. Vs 16

a. The gospel transforms equally
b. Treat people with Kingdom value
c. There is a difference in how we view people & things after salvation

2. Has a new identity and his old identity no longer exists. Vs17

a. A complete transformation takes place when a person is found “in Christ” (X160) in Christ, which means out of the world??
b. We served the devil and now we serve Christ, (Col 1:13)
c. Citizens of a new Kingdom

3. Not because of one’s merit but purely an act of God. Vs18

a. Reconciliation: Enemies of God becoming friends
b. The Greek word means “exchange” to change the relation of two hostile parties.

4. Serves the Sovereign King

a. Ministry/Messenger of reconciliation. Vs 18, (I Cor 4:1-2)
b. The culture highlighted self but servanthood was the requirement
c. Are we truly serving the sovereign or our self-interest? – Proclaim

5. The message is not his own but that of the Sovereign – Vs19

a. The message of reconciliation.
b. Parable of the sower (Matt 13:16-23)
c. What is the message we are carrying?

6. Living the gospel vs giving the gospel. Vs20

a. We can represent the sovereign positively or negatively.
b. (Eph 4:1,  Rom 12:1)

7. The message is one of urgency. Vs20

a. Time-sensitive message
b. Is there an urgency or are we like the church at Sardis?

8. The heart of the gospel message. Vs21

a. All of our sins were charged to Christ’s account.
b. Does this truth compel us like it compelled Paul to be missional?

III. Observations from chapter 5 for Paul’s missional focus

1. Citizenship was in Heaven Vs 4:16 -5:4  (Phil 3:20)
2. Belongs to the King because he has sealed with Holy Spirit Vs 5 (2 Cor 1:22)
3. In everything, he remained “ courageous” even death Vs 6 & 8
4. Walked by faith rather than sight. Vs 7
5. A single-minded purpose or ambition to please the Sovereign. Vs 9
6. Living with the end in mind “The judgment seat of Christ”.

a. Time, talents, and treasures Vs 10 Payday is coming
b. The fear of the Lord motivated Paul to do his ministry with sincerity and integrity Vs 11.

7. External vs Internal – Paul was motivated based on the internal Vs12
8. No room for self-interest Vs13
9. Motivated by the love of Christ Vs14
10. Live for the sovereign rather than for himself Vs 15

IV. How can we be ambassadors for Christ?

1. Realize that God has saved you for a purpose – Ambassadors for Christ
2. Identify the excuses that are holding you back from being an ambassador for Christ.
3. Internalize the reasons Paul gives us for his missional focus.
4. It starts in our homes, communities, places of work, spheres of influence.
5. Actively work with the church in the ongoing church plants across the country.
6. How about through our life groups?
7. Disha, Christmas Outreach, Evangelism through training.

Take Away:

Invest in becoming a spiritual legacy builder by understanding that our primary mission in life is to be an ambassador of Christ.