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1 Peter 3:1-7

1 Peter 3:1-7


1. Wife plays a missional role in the relationship with her husband

(a) Submission to her husband (3:1)

(a1) It is the creation order (cf. Genesis 2:18)
(a2) It is the model of Jesus (cf. 1 Corinthians 15:28)
(a3) It mirrors the church’s submission to Christ (cf. Ephesians 5:24 as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything)

2. Beauty of character (3:2-16)

(a) The adornment God desires is not external but internal (vv. 3-4)

(b) Internal adornment is “of great worth in God’s sight” (3:4) [inner beauty happens when a person begins to gain a deeper knowledge of God and Gospel; those who are not necessarily attractive externally can gain lasting beauty by knowing God and the Gospel]

(c) Husbands get attracted to their wives’ internal adornment (3:4-5)

3. Christian husbands must know that their wives are equal heirs with them (verse 7)

4. Therefore, Christian husbands must honor their wives because they share the same destiny (verse 7)

5. If the Christian husbands ill-treat their wives because women are physically weaker than men, God will not hear their prayers (two implications) (verse 7)

(a) Husband’s relationship with God is, in one way or other, dependent on his relationship with his wife

(b) Husbands cannot offer proper prayer if they do not have proper relationship with their wives

(c) God will refuse to answer the prayers of the abusive disrespectful Christian husbands

(d) Because God does not bless with His favor those who are in positions of authority and abuse those who are under them by mistreating them [This is the theme of the entire section]

6. Take Away

In humility, value others above yourselves, by not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others (cf. Philippians 2:3b-4)

Speaker: William J. Subash

Born and raised in south India, William J. Subash became a follower of Jesus Christ in 1983 at the age of nineteen. After a brief career in a tea and coffee plantation, Subash decided to spend rest of his life to preach about Jesus and his life-transforming message of God, which is popularly known as “the Gospel.” Subash teaches New Testament Studies at two institutions: SAIACS in India and Liberty University Online, VA, USA. Currently, Subash serves as the chief point person for GROW Gospel Initiatives and the Lead Pastor of the Crossroad Church, Bangalore. Write to him at