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Rising above challenges and living a productive life

How do you rise above challenges and live a productive life? Paul had faced an intense riot in Jerusalem (Acts 21:26-36). He then faced two years of imprisonment in Caesarea (Acts 22-26). During this time, he had some amazing opportunities to share his testimony to some of the highest officials like Felix, Festus, and King…

Continue Growing in Love

Love seems to be a word that is used commonly these days. It’s an emotion. It’s a strong feeling for someone. A man falls in love with a woman. A person might have love for pets or gardening or music. Another person might want to do acts of charity out of compassion. All these seem…

Transformation and Evidence

When you look at a caterpillar that is so tiny and is in a cocoon, you may not think much of it. But a day comes when it is transformed into butterfly, and how wonderful it looks! The change is evident. The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is visible and is evident! I…